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With one of the largest processing plants in the Southern Hemisphere, we produce the world’s best extra virgin olive oil and olive products.
With the capacity to manage large volumes, we can ensure that your olives are crushed for their juice immediately after harvesting to preserve the many health benefits associated with its consumption.


Our processing season runs from late March/early April through to late August/early September.

Our Products

We have a premium selection of olive-based products available to view, taste and buy from our Big Olive Kiosk at Woodcroft Newsagency.

about olive oil

Learn more about olive oil – its health benefits, ways to use, the history and tasting notes.

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If you want us to process your olives or if you want to view, taste and pick up a gift for any occasion, contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Why process with us?


Our knowledge and expertise


free 1 month storage


Ability to process large volumes


We purchase oil after processing

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